Monday, 15 September 2014

Scottish Independence - and class (and hierarchy)

Like you, lots of the chat at my work these days is about independence. What's noticeable about this is the little divides that have emerged; as you ascend the corporate hierarchy in terms of who is saying what and how senior they are you notice how the younger and/or more junior the folks are the more likely they are to be pro-independence ("Yessers" even).

This stands to reason. A Yes vote is about dramatically changing the status quo, upsetting apple carts left right and centre (and is all the better for that fact). By contrast the more senior people actually quite like the status quo. Where I am the status quo is what pays for the company car (a 5 series BMW being the one to get at the mo, Audi's being so terribly passe), the 2 weeks with the family in Florida and yet another giant telly.

All these terribly, terribly competent folks basically want the referendum to go away because, well just because really, They've invested their skills, their values, their sense of self and a whole lot of free over time in things continuing exactly as they are. And - goddammit - they've done rather well as a result.

To which I say fuck them, fuck them hard into a cocked hat because a lot of the terribly, terribly, sensible and competent people currently saying no to Scottish independence where the same ones, certainly where I've worked, who said yes please to the fuck nuggets who did their best to blow up the UK economy in the credit crunch.

All these folks, (especially the ones that end words with the "bzzzsshzzz" Jack Docherty used to take the piss out of in Absolutely)  have no credibility let alone any great insight, what they do have is a big mortgage, school fees and a lifestyle they believe they deserve regardless of what such mealy mouthed, fiver grasping shite means for everyone else. Fuck 'em.

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