Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The nuclear option

So George Osborne, sources are letting it be known, will rule out the notion of a formal currency union with an independent Scotland? Interesting negotiating position if you're an utter walloper (1).

In that case, when Scotland hopefully votes yes to independence, the Scottish approach to relocating the Rest of the UK's nuclear bombs will presumably be; your problem pal, pick 'em up next Tuesday and F'right off in the meantime. Or not.

Actually negotiating both points would very obviously be the right, nice, sensible, intelligent and decent thing to do. Or is that asking too much of a Bullingdon Club Tory?

(1) interesting reading English people commenting on this and how its all about Scotland wanting its cake and eating it. Even if it was, and? Jealous? And that's besides the obvious benefits a currency union would also give to English businesses that trade with Scotland - or is the approach here one of sour grapes mixed with cutting 10% of your nose off to spite your face?

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