Monday, 9 September 2013

Swallow anything

So on the one hand you've the broader cultural phenomenon of loads more people getting loads more shit tattoos and on the other it would appear that one swallow (or a single quarter of marginally better than shite growth) does indeed make a summer judging by George's Osborne's chat about the economy.

As for mass, long-term youth unemployment? Skivers.

Living standards for yer average punter still way down on what they were 5 years ago? They're just not working hard enough, obviously.

Spending cuts clattering the working poor and the disabled? See youth unemployment above.. .. and they're probably on the fiddle.

Growth getting pumped up by steroid like bribes to middle class voters via help to buy? No, actually we're rebalancing, in fact the "recovery" is "balanced, broad based and sustainable" according to George give or take dull stuff like the long-term structural decline in manufacturing

Besides, what this single data point proves is that the argument fiscal austerity prevented growth  is pants give or take no, no one ever said that (what they did and do say was/is that fiscal austerity limited growth in the short-term by undermining demand and in the long-term by permanently destroying productive capacity. And they were right).

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