Thursday, 12 September 2013

Its all gone a bit Paul Ryan

The thing about Paul Ryan, the former vice presidential candidate, was how the mainstream media in the US, and here largely ignored the fact he's mental. There was a self-selecting, self-sanitising thang at work where the party projected rhetoric about him being a deep thinker and policy wonk was bought into and the reality - he's a nasty, bigoted, fantasist with an aggressively pragmatic approach to the truth - was ignored. I reckon a similar process is at work in Britain today and has been for some time now.

The most obvious example of this was the muted reaction to the ConDem's appropriation of a 1970s National Front slogan, which they stuck on the side of a van and sent round multi-ethnic areas at the taxpayers' expense.

The bedroom tax is another obvious one and in a different way so are the various help to buy schemes i.e. profoundly unfair and vicious, shitty policies geared to punishing minorities at the same time as subsidising the well off on an industrial scale.

All these policies prompt the same simple reaction - that's just wrong. Except, it appears they're so wrong and so nasty, they're so hard to reconcile with the notion of David Cameron a someone who hugs hoodies, could lose some weight, christ he's almost like you and me bullshite that they either get ignored or any attention paid is allowed to quickly peter out. They also raise far more important questions than  the Nick Robinson type pish about who's in or out of favour in either party or whether Boris is going to challenge Dave.

Well, lets quote some reality about what the current nasty bunch of bastards are actually doing:

1) You're disabled, you're on benefits as a result despite not wanting to be and you live in social housing. You have a spare room you keep equipment in/a carer sometimes stays in overnight - the government's policy is that you will be charged extra for the spare room. And no there isn't a one bed flat you can move into.

2) You earn c.£112,000 a year, you have £30,000 of savings in the bank, the current government's policy is to lend you up to £120,000 for free (for 5 years) to buy a house.

That's the reality of the current government's policies. That's just wrong.

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