Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Daily Mash T shirt

A blerk who also worked in banking got given the opportunity to pursue his career elsewhere a while back after a blog post he wrote was brought to the attention of the great and the good. I reckon, given how employment contracts and codes of conduct are written and work, this was completely above board. Besides, the chat I heard at the time was that he was an arrogant arsehole, no much use and also dumb/arrogant enough to include his personal details beside a post that lambasted in detail something his named employing organisation had just done. Clearly, all bloggers can learn a salutary from that especially given the current labour market. And yet ……….

The “and yet” for me is predicated on having recently discovered the stats functionality for this thing, like so far today 2 page views on here originated in Latvia. Wow!

Going back to the here and why I started this the primary reason was - after days spent working in banking at a time when you were sat staring at Bloomberg screens that had turned completely red and didn’t have a fucking clue what was going to happen tomorrow - to let off steam by howling at the moon, that and swearing a lot. Except, there was also a vanity aspect to it as well, an admittedly pathetic sense of I’ll show them mixed up with the arrogant notion that I had something, however self-censored, to say that added to the sum total of human knowledge of shit that mattered.

Looking through my actual page view stats provides an excellent perspective on all of this. If I’m perfectly fucking honest I reckon my commentary on university funding, PFIs/PPPs, economic prospects and what no has been pretty fucking spot on and mightily fucking prescient; ahead of the curve even. I also take huge amounts of personal pleasure from the fact dozens and dozens of people have at least glanced at my post about how fucking shite Halfords truly are.

But, the biggest single lesson I take from looking at my stats is how useful it is to include a picture of J0.hnny R0tten’s arse and an explicit reference to J0.hnny R0tten in every blog post. The temptation now of course is to try and optimise my page views by making explicit references to Br!tney Spe@rs, P@mela @nderson and someone a fabulous person tells me is called Meg@.n F0x all the time, that and German Granny Fisting (Deutsch Großmutter Fisting) of course. And oh, oh I should try and get/add links to here basically everywhere really.

Except, all of the above is disgustingly self-referential, self-absorbed and basically a pile of wank. Plus I earn a good wage with my current job so why fucking bother i.e risk it? Instead, I’ll reflect on the fact that since June last year I’ve generated shit like 43 page views from Russia and how freaky that is given its passed without comment and is for a deeply Anglo-centric webpage. So in the spirit of that I’ll say Большое спасибо, that and Halfords is fucking shite.

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