Saturday, 9 July 2016

How Facebook won the referendum

Sitting beside a colleague from the North of England opining on the Brexit vote, I thought “pffff”. Her view was that much of it was to do with the failure on the part of the Remain campaign to put across its message effectively. Neither they did, but so what?

Brexit was probably more about Facebook than the Arab Spring ever was. It, and twitter I guess, let Brexit voting fucktards stew in their own ignorance to an unprecedented degree. Reading what a friend of a friend of a friend on Facebook just posted let them live in a bubble of bollocks whilst claiming they were getting the real facts from real people, not those big business, politician ivory towered elite bastards; that it was typically bullshit free from facts, analysis or understanding was by the by.

As a result it arguably didn’t matter what Remain said, they’d already been either dismissed out of hand or were simply ignored regardless of whether they spelled out the practical consequences of leaving. And is funny the BBC ain’t reporting on this aspect of the vote, the bit that implies they’re a banjaxxed irrelevance (for a direct parallel see how they also completely ignored the internet leaking aspect of the we are the 99% thing, rendering it another implicit example of swarthy types being seen to be more susceptible to what's online, whereas us white folk are assumed to know better and have better public broadcasters). And yet here’s the thing, all but the dumbest of Brexit voters is now slowly waking up to the fact they’ve shafted themselves and most other folks in Britain too; racist and xenophobic assaults have spiked, Britain has been downgraded, companies are holding off taking on new staff and the pound has fallen meaning it’s worth less in your pocket because all imported goods and service are more expensive (and this is just the fucking beginning).

Anyhoo, as we head into a probable recession, I reckon it’s worth gathering up the collective wisdom of the Brexit voters so they can get their noses rubbed in their own, tangy ignorance; My favourite was originally a moron who explained she was voting out because of the Turks, Turks being "dirty bastards"  (Turkey ain’t joining the EU any time soon for those who don’t know). However, this has been overtaken by "cos it means the EU can’t stop us bringing back hanging”. Yep, those are two actual reasons why some folks voted for Brexit, the fucking, ignorant nuggets.

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