Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Time for another interesting UK/Greece comparison; we know the established Greek elite is a corrupt bunch of shyster, drachma grabbing tax dodgers – no one likes dodging taxes like a rich Greek it seems.

The Largade list provides powerful evidence of this, it detailing almost 2,000 potential tax dodgers Christine Lagardem when she was the French finance minister, handed to the Greek government in 2010. And what did the then Greek government do with it? Why nothing of course, they sat on it give or take the rumours about the then Greek Finance minister rubbing out the names of some of his relatives who appeared on it. Then in 2012 a Greek journalist was arrested for publishing the list, then set free a few days later.  Pffff, Greeks eh? Utterly bent and corrupt tax dodging bastards.

P.S. the Largarde list was of HSBC Swiss bank customers and was taken from the same dataset used to produce a list of potential (1 in 3 appears to have been the case) British tax dodgers. Obviously, Britain is completely different to Greece, HMRC received an email offering them the HSBC customer data in 2008, years before Greece chose to do nothing.

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