Friday, 16 January 2015

HS2 as groundhog day

This is an easy post to write because its mostly already been written, so actually lets tag on some new bits at the end. Anyhoo, according to the BBC MPs are questioning the value for money of HS2. Except, there's  no need to waste time and money doing so because we already know the government's own, "independent" value for money analysis is a made up pile of bull crap.

Go here to a Dec 2013 post wherein "Professor Dan Graham of Imperial College, London, said "I do not think the statistical work is reliable" while Professor Henry Overman of the London School of Economics described KPMG's approach as "essentially made up". And lets be clear, an academic calling something “essentially made up” is more than casting doubt, he is saying it's garbage to an extent where this isn't actually a debate."

To which the consultants - who guessed the size of HS2's financial benefits  - said; their methodology "does not have a firm statistical foundation”.

And that's it really. There is no debate - the analysis isn't "reliable", is "essentially made up" and lacks "a firm statistical foundation". Well there is one debate, but that;'s why hasn't HS2 been shitcanned already, like seriously? Like what we are seeing are Tories willing to piss away money on vanity infrastructure projects like a Tony Blair on speed at the same time as they're changing welfare rules to the point where people wrongly denied benefits are committing suicide.

There's something nastily Republican/GOP about how the Tories stink these days.

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