Friday, 6 June 2014

Scottish independence is bad for your health?

Usually it’s the trailer that turns out to be better than the film, this time it was an advert, the it being the Vote NO NHS one that’s subsequently been pulled.

Like other pro-independence supporters I think the ad reached a new low just not because the usual pro-Union fixation on scare-mongering was so distasteful. Rather, the argument presented was even more insulting  because it was so dumb. From what I recall it was along the lines of an independent Scotland would no longer have the same access to English based centres of medical excellence it currently enjoys.

Fair enough I guess, except this, to my mind, is to assume (a) there aren’t any centres of excellence based in Scotland that could be used as the basis for future negotiations, you know, like reasonable people because the No stance seems to be THERE WILL BE NO DISCUSSIONS OR NEGOTIATIONS IN THE EVENT OF A YES VOTE WHATSOEVER, NONE!

Alternatively, it’s (b) there really aren’t any centres of excellence in Scotland indicating UK level spending is skewed towards England (and Wales & N. Ireland) and that in the event of Scotland becoming independent, there would be some assets that Scotland should receive its fair share of and/or alternatively save money (to spend here) by not contributing to in future. Maybe we’ll never know given Ormond Street hospital told the no-vote lot they were talking utter shite.

Actually, the Vote No advert did present an implicit argument against independence – who’d want to be stuck in the same country as a bunch of wallopers that dumb (BTW the film was the new X Men one. Pfffffffttt)

A quick aside I was given some verbatim quotes today from two terribly, senior, London bankers talking about independence. For one, Scotland just doesn’t matter as a market whereas the other opined not even the Scots would be “bloody stupid” enough to vote for independence. And people wonder why we should vote yes?

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