Friday, 14 March 2014

The BBC is a (fiscal) drag

As someone aware of the nastiness that is a lot of American telly and as a BBC radio podcast addict, I normally reckon the licence fee is well worth it mate, well worth it. Until you read shite like the following in the build up to "debates" about the next budget:

"The coalition government has raised the threshold at which people start to pay tax to £10,000 but the threshold for the higher rate has increased by less than inflation, meaning more taxpayers fall into the 40p band."

And you think hang on a mo, haven't average wages been rising slower than inflation for years now, like years with that in itself having become a relatively high profile story? Hmmm, am I paying for independent, quality journalism or is the BBC's pursuit of a Pravda-like status  (in its Soviet heyday) when it comes to everything economic ever going to end? And if not, why in feck should I pay for that?

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