Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Masochistic e.rection disguise

You know an economic policy has had its credibility chips when the more politicians try to justify it the more they sound like they’re describing a masochistic e.rection.

Hence, fiscal austerity is painful, but thankfully the ConDems are up to taking the kind of big, strong, firm and tough (and blue-veined) decisions we need if we’re to cum through these hard, oh so hard times together. Indeed.

The disguise part here stems from the reality, which is that for all any politician might claim we’re all in this together, the following are the people really feeling the pain - the working poor, the unemployed, the disabled and the infirm. That they are doing so due to policies that are actively undermining the growth they’re supposed to be promoting exacerbates this bloody awful reality.

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