Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The 44D, both of them (as Colin used to get excited about)

Weird shit on radio 4 the other day – 2 commentators on the economy were being asked to opine on what the government needs to do. One was a pro free markets Austrian school influenced nutjob the other an old school Labour bod, yet both reached the same conclusion – cuts, cuts, cuts and more cuts!!!!!

Given too much free market shite caused the current shite, having a pop at the free market bod is too easy, I mean ask this guy what time it is and he’d say “roll back the state and let free markets decide!” with all the frenzy of an Aberdonian cracking one off over a sheep. The Labour boy on the other hand was just an arsehole. The example he gave was that current higher education arrangements were a subsidy for the middle class and as such should be cut, except that is just fucking, utter, fucking shite – what he actually meant but was too up himself to refer to was the vastly different thing that is middle incomes as opposed to middle class. Anyhoo his subsidy is my investment in human capital formation that routinely and predictably generates higher life time earnings on a systematic basis and as a result significantly higher tax revenues than might otherwise be the case e.g. a big fat mucho net gain for the exchequer/us. And that’s kinda fucking obvious. End of to the point where its no even worth linking to the gawd knows how many studies that prove that exact point.

What really matters though is how in the current weird political environment bigoted tits like those two are dragged out and given a platform on which to preen while everyone else pretends and/or assumes they actually have something relevant to say. It’s like at the very time we’re now supposed to be being “engaged” with about a fundamental redrawing of the line between the public sector, the private sector and the “third” sector, organisations like the BBC that are constitutionally obliged to inform the public are avoiding any meaningful debate by only making the opinions and analysis of nutjobs or arseholes available and doing so in a form that pretends to be debate, but is actually all about providing post-hoc rationalisations and pretendy intellectual credibility that will obscure the efforts of anyone daft enough to actually assess the forthcoming “emergency” budget. In fact you’d almost think this was all an utter stitch-up. Cunts.

On a different note why the fuck have all these Japanese pornographers started adding comments to my random shite? Does someone swearing about economic policy get off yer average Tokyo salary man? Fuckin' weird.

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